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Geomatics Projects

Geomatics is an applied science, not a skill...GIS is a tool.

Geomatics Department Management, Southern Iraq

Constant threat of mines and other ERW
Surveyor and Base Station.jpg

Contract and budgetary management of subcontractor survey teams.

Technical management of Geomatics survey

  • Client technical liaison

    • Advocating for drone and laser scan surveys

  • Defining technical objectives and quality objectives for work and variation orders

  • Managing department quality assurance and implementing change

  • Managing multi-stakeholder expectations in a diverse and dynamic operating environment.

  • Identification of spatial data knowledge gaps and remedy planning:

    • Lack of unified spatial database

    • Volumetric assessment of borrow pits and contaminated ERW spoil

    • Engineering soils mapping and groundwater table

    • Legacy contamination monitoring

  • Maintaining geodetic network for use by all stakeholders​

Mentoring junior surveyors.

PTW authoriser and ensuring all works are done in a safe manner.

  • Supervision of TBT

  • Site visits to ensure compliance in HSE and technical methodology

Drone survey results - car contours

Drone survey, showing quality of achievable data/detail.  

Contours of vehicle captured in image - removed from processing

Damaged Benchmark.jpg

Maintaining primary geodetic network

Unique out of role assignment

AIM: Provide water for irrigation projects

  • Desk study and appreciation of all water sources: 

    • Precipitation,

    • Conjunctive river use

    • Groundwater

    • Sewage

  • Recommendation of best course of action

    • Test local groundwater for quality and quantity

  • Supervision of all works, sampling and aquifer pumping tests

  • Critical evaluation of contractor capability and performance review

Drilling exploration well cable percussion
Sewage Treatment Pond - conjunctive use. of waterJPG

Potential water sources: groundwater and treated sewage effluent

Technical project management for geomatic surveys in Southern Iraq oilfields

Day 16.jpg

Identification and elimination of poor survey practices.

Writing robust technical method statements for internal training and Client use/proposals.

  • Design and management of primary survey network re-observation adjustment 

Assistance to regional business development team on a number of successful high profile and prestigious projects:

  • Forensic study of third party survey quality in preparation for possible litigation procedures (Kuwait)

  • Geodetic network densification and gravity model (UAE)

  • Spatial data harmonisation project (UAE)

Lead technical development management for a new contaminated land and groundwater investigation business line:

  • Taking on competitor

  • Equipment purchase and training

  • Technical bid proposals

  • Method statements...


Desk study:  pipeline right of way, Southern Iraq

Desk study for major IOC.


An 82 km natural gas pipeline Right of Way (RoW) from Al-Ratawi to Kor Al Zubair.

Low cost planning solution allowing a phased approach to route design and alignment.

Integration in GIS of ground truth geotechnical and remotely sensed data along RoW.

Over 1,000 obstacles and crossings with planning dimensions identified:

  • Highways, roads, tracks

  • Wadi (flash flood geo-hazards), slope, agriculture, contamination

  • Ability for planning team to selectively target difficult areas

Major Roads 2.png

Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico

Roosevelt Roads Mix.png

Desk study and research projects:

  • Land use development

  • Pipeline ROW

  • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

Use of remote sensing and public domain data mining to provide formative information to assist Client's development expansion plans.

Identification of possible development issues such as:

  • Geo-hazards, shallow groundwater

  • Remnant underground utilities

  • Proximity to airport

  • Possible legacy ground contamination

Presentation highlighting integrated approach to pipeline ROW survey, land ownership and monitoring for potential project bid in Uzbekistan.

Introductory presentation on the technical considerations for the use of OTEC technology:

  • Client intending to apply for grants that require the development of this technology within region.

OTEC Intro.png
Maki OTEC.png

Field Mapping:
Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, UK, Spain & Iraq

Road and bridge mapping in support of UK and UN relief assistance to Sierra Leone Government.

Geological field mapping and interpretation

  • Training undergraduate students

Land navigation training to UK Military.

Remote Sensing

Management of imagery acquisition purchase for oil and gas projects in Iraq.

  • Including GCP and pre-making surveys for image orthorectification

Remotely sensed mapping to support UK Foreign Office policy and operations in Afghanistan.

  • NDVI studies

  • Use of proxy markers for security stability studies

    • Lights and night 

    • Localised agriculture improvements

Traditional and remotely sensed geological field mapping.

  • Augmenting reservoir studies

Integration of multi-spectral imaging techniques and digital elevation models (DEM).

  • Feature extraction for mapping updates

  • Identification of geo-hazards for field development planning

    • Wadis (flash flooding), slopes,

  • Contamination

    • Legacy spills from conflict and field evaluation and attribution

  • Catchment characterisation

  • Supervised classification

  • Vegetation identification (crop analysis)...

False colour image Landsat 5
3D High Res on Dem.jpg

Geodesy and Land Survey

Numerous worldwide position and mapping surveys in support of the UK Government and its allies.​

  • Survey technical and logistical project management

  • Training, mentoring and teamwork

Classical survey and geodesy training (pre GPS and electronic total stations!).

  • Foundation for future and successful GPS surveys.

    • Re-surveying of National primary survey control networks in Zimbabwe, Oman, Maldives and Malaysia

    • Gravity survey Maldives

    • Post conflict boundary survey, Bosnia IEBL

19 Sqn Jordan
world map4.png
Belize 19 Sqn  Baldy Beacon.jpg
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