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Field Appraisals
& Data Room Visits

Over 13 different worldwide geological field appraisal were done.

Close cooperation with downstream departments.

General workflow consisted of transforming low quality vendor material into working models and information.

Data mining of public domain information:

  • Petroleum play studies

  • Offset wells and other locally operating companies

  • Mapping and remote sensing support, pipelines, environment, contamination liabilities...

Ukraine structure.jpg
La Plaz sesismic.png
MMV Screw Fault.jpg

Geological appraisal of block in Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia

Geological report and presentation to Client.

Reworking of vendor geo-spatial information augmented with public domain data:

  • Improved graphics and models

  • Enhance analysis and interpretations


  • Identified a 'screw fault" in vendor structural interpretation:

    • ...this is not a strike slip fault, so not geologically possible in this context...

  • Play chance of success 80%

  • Prospect chance <5% (based on current information)


  • To re-interpret the data before further investment or drilling prospect

  • Move drill location east:

    • Safety from fault

    • Confirm reservoir extent and volumes

Project done in cooperation with

Block 2, Sao Tome

Data room visit to location; report and presentation to Management.

Hydrocarbon play analysis and use of proxies:

  • Rio Muni Basin and Niger Delta

Data mining and general GIS support to project.


Hydrocarbon accumulations should exist; all elements are present:

  • Source rocks, reservoirs (turbidite fan channel systems) and marine sediment seals

  • Time

  • Four-way closures leads identified in 2D seismic

  • Oceanic and onshore seeps


  • Proximity to Cameroon Volcanic Line may impact oil quality

  • Unable to determine potential volumes at time of study

  • High costs: ultra deep drilling

  • Possibility of gas

Sao Tome.jpg
Seismic Sao Tome.jpg

Termit and Doba Basins, Chad

Sedigui Structure Map.jpg
Sedigui Wells and map.png
LSGP Blocks Bouguer_edited.jpg

Transformation of vendor data into digital products and Petrel subsurface models for production profiles.

Hydrocarbon play and offset well research:

  • Volumetric calculations

  • GIS support to other Departments: 

    • Identification of existing 300 km pipeline route

    • Use  of lights at night to assess security-stability, local population and other related activity


Company proceeding with property acquisition.

Additional independent internal technical report on Doba Basin and a Farm-in opportunity.


Company to invest in the Block-5 farm-in opportunity:

  • Developing basin

  • Access to export pipeline

  • Better internal security situation

doba basin.png

Ukraine, Crimea & Siberia

Chab Map Russian.png


  • Seven Blocks available in Dneiper-Donets Basin, East Ukraine

  • Two Blocks in Carpathian Basin, West Ukraine

  • Five Blocks in Siberia (Data room visit)

  • One block in Crimea

Original data in cyrillic and reserves classified using Russian system.

Creation of project database to manage all geo-spatial data.

Digitisation of vendor structure maps and wells; creation of individual Petrel models for use by reservoir engineers.


  • Five blocks in East Ukraine were selected for investment acquisition

Chabanivska 2  New-Page2.jpg

Coal Bed Methane (CBM), Bulgaria

Company looking for new investment ventures.

Field visit to assess existing infrastructure.

Undertook research into CBM methods:

  • Use of analogue projects:

    • White Dome

    • Fairview

    • Manville Coals

  • Educational lecture to staff:  

    • Providing a better general understanding of project  and CBM methods/science

Construct a 130 well Petrel model from vendor data to assess coal volumes.


  • Coal depth on limit for economic exploitation

  • Project not taken forward

Coal Petrel.jpg
Coal Isotherm.jpg
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