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Spatial Data Geoscience

A portfolio of project experience


Albian-Geo is an independent Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in the United Arab Emirates. 


Working directly at our Client’s site, offices or remotely, Albian-Geo provides geoscience and specialist skills to the oil and gas and related industries that rely on spatial data collection and interpretation.

What we Do

Explore, communicate and visualise Geo-spatial data aspects.

Petroleum Geology

  • Geological characterisation

  • Data mining and retrieval

  • Field development


  • Spatial data analysis

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Traditional survey solutions

  • Geodetic survey solutions

  • Environmental assessment & remediation strategies

    • Contaminated soil and groundwater​

  • Remote sensing

    • Image interpretation and classification

    • Post conflict stability assessments

    • Feature extraction

Field Appraisals

  • Geological appraisal of vendor data

  • Data room visits

Drilling Fluid Services

  • Through associates




Projects have spanned five continents from the 1980's to the present day.

They have involved project management in both technical and commercial roles.

A separate page for each of the major themes and a basic primer on Geo-spatial data is provided as examples of the concepts, types of work and capabilities that are offered.

Geo-spatial is used in the context of all data that can be related to a position, processed and analysed (Geomatics); whereas, geospatial is generally used to define the representation of this data in either vector, raster or tabular format in a GIS.

Diagrams are taken from teaching or presentation material produced by Albian-Geo FZ LLC

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